Moslavačka vrata u Park prirode Lonjsko Polje Moslavačka vrata u Park prirode Lonjsko Polje Moslavačka vrata u Park prirode Lonjsko Polje Moslavačka vrata u Park prirode Lonjsko Polje Moslavačka vrata u Park prirode Lonjsko Polje

Visitor Centre Repušnica – Moslavina Gateway to Lonjsko Polje

Southern facade

Northern facade


Overall objectives:

To contribute to sustainable development of continental tourism businesses and prosperity in Moslavina region

Specific objective:

To develop competitive, integrated and enriched tourist product by exploiting and uniting tourist potentials and attractions of Lonjsko Polje Nature Park and Moslavina Region

Target groups:

  • City of Kutina
  • Lonjsko Polje Nature Park
  • Popovača
  • Velika Ludina
  • Service providers and supporting institutions in tourism sector

Final beneficiaries:

  • Tourists
  • local population
  • entrepreneurs
  • job seekers

Location(s) of the action:

Moslavina and Nature Park Lonjsko polje

Total duration of the action:

18 months (2014. - 2015. g.)

Expected results:

  • R1 Project is well managed, efficient and visible
  • R2 Public tourist infrastructure is improved and extended
  • R3 Improved business skills of potential and existing service providers and market development support skills of tourism sector facilitators
  • R4 Integrated offerings of Moslavina and Lonjsko Polje Nature Park developed and well promoted


A1.1 Technical management
A1.2 Financial management
A1.3 Monitoring and Evaluation
A1.4 Visibility and communication
A2.1 Construction and equipping of Repušnica Visitors' Centre
A2.2 Setting up tourist routes and brown signalisation
A2.3 Erection of two shelters/resting points in Nature Park
A3.1 Business skills multi-modal workshops for start-ups and businesses
A3.2 Business counselling and start-up manual
A3.3 Trainings for certified Nature Park guides
A3.4 Community involvement - local ownership consultations and events
A4.1 Preparation of Marketing strategy and action plan
A4.2 Certifying LPNP for sustainable tourism (Europark Charter)
A4.3 Design of original new offerings souvenir
A4.4 Marketing publications - Lonjsko polje-Moslavina itinerary and other

The Applicant/The co-applicants/Associates

The Applicant:
Town of Kutina

The co-applicants:
Kutina Tourist Board
Local Action Group „Moslavina“

Lonjsko Polje Nature Park Public Service
Town of Popovača
Municipality Velika Ludina


Total costs: 780.731,02€

Expected sources of funding:
Europski fond za regionalni razvoj ...........85%
Nositelj i partneri projekta..........15%

Contact Us

Project manager

Mišel Novosel,, univ.spec.aedif.
Advisor for EU projects and development
Department for economy and financing
Town of Kutina

Town of Kutina (The Applicant)

Trg kralja Tomislava 12, 44320 Kutina, Hrvatska
OIB: 41888874500
MB: 2580535
IBAN: HR3323400091822000008 PBZ

Kutina Tourist Board (The co-applicant)

Tržna 8, 44320 Kutina, Hrvatska
OIB 56575358641
MB 3906647
žrn: 2340009-1100102943 (PBZ)

Local Action Group „Moslavina“ (The co-applicant)

Tržna 8, 44320 Kutina, Hrvatska
OIB: 60897556678